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What Is Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is an electrostatic process where the powder is projected onto the part and fused with heat to bond. Variables include the type of powder, the electrostatic process used and the amount and duration of the heat. Although the advantage of powder is primarily environmental, there are important reasons for its use.

Powder Coating durability against corrosion, chemicals, chipping, crack resistance and U.V. protection far exceeds that of conventional paint.

Powder Coating is an environmentally safe, cost-effective way to cover an object. This is because the process does not require solvents or thinners. It's an Earth-friendly alternative to painting.

Preparations for Powder Coating

Cleaning/Degreasing: All parts sent to J&M Enterprises for Powder Coating must be free of dirt, oil and grease. Parts received with excessive dirt and grease will be returned to the customer, Freight Collect. This is a very important step prior to Powder Coating because the temperatures used for curing the powder will drive out any oils or grease and cause the powder to pimple.

Disassembly: All parts must be disassembled by the customer. No seals, bearings, races or any rubber bushings or plugs should be left in the part when sent for coating.

Surface Preparation: For maximum finish, you should take some time and deburr the edges and smooth out any rough or pitted parts. When the powder cures, it will flow out into the surface and will show any flaws that are present. The better the part is prepared, the better the finish will be.

Stripping: Parts must be free of all paint and other coatings prior to Powder Coating. We have an outside vendor who performs sandblasting services for our customers, billed separately at the rate of $100.00 labor rate per hour. To save money and speed turnaround time, do the stripping yourself.

Note: All prices quoted do not include stripping! Add a clear top coat for an additional 50%.