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Purchase NOS and other hard to find parts from J & M Enterprises for your restoration project.

TIGER CUB SURFLEX CLUTCH KIT WITH SPECIAL NARROW STEEL PLATESTiger cub surflex clutch kit with special narrow steel plates so wide surflex fiber plates will work with no modification to hub, recomend alloy pressure plate also $108.00 for set
13 or 14 tooth counter sprockets13 or 14 tooth counter shaft sprockets off set for greater wheel to chain clearance these are avaiable in 420 or 428 chain size your choice  $36.25
16 tooth engine sprocket with half link to make primary chain shorter recomended for trials so a 14 tooth gear box sprocxket can be run so chain does not rub on swing arm. Also recomend primary chain tensioner on page 1 to go with this modification  $65.00
cub primary chainTriumph Tiger Cub Renolds primary chain 62 link duplex  $74.00
low second gear kit for layshaftLow second gear kit for layshaft gives you a lower second for trials $272.00
high gear bushNew bronze high gear bush replace the old worn and grooved one to help stop oil leaks from seal    $35.00
428 HD chain428 HD Gold plated chain for 428 sprockets $56.00
420 HD chain420 HD Gold plated chain for 420 size sprockets  $42.50
billet shifterTrick billet Cub Shifter $70.00
brake shoesGrooved front or rear brake shoes for cub hubs  $32.00 pr